CPD – Continual Professional Development

Wide-ranging, affordable/good value and in some cases free. We require a minimum of 20 hours of CPD per association year – beginning 1st April – to build a CPD portfolio. We have 6 categories (see below), of which a minimum of 2 should be undertaken per association year. We regard CPD as an essential requirement for a well rounded, engaged and up to date practitioner.
Category 1 – Short courses.
  • Evening talks, one day, or weekend events.
  • Courses of special interest relevant to your work.
  • Courses expanding your thinking or deepening your understanding of a related subject.
Category 2 – AGM/EGM. Seminars, Conferences. Health Shows.
  • AGM/EGM: these can be for other associations as well as ours.
  • Seminars and conferences related to our work, these can be international as well as national. Attending Health Shows.
Category 3 – Study for further qualifications/formal training.*
  • Adult Education, OU, Degree Courses.

*Where a course is in excess of 50 hours it can be considered as CPD for 2 or more years. An application should be made in writing, including details of the syllabus covered. The variation will be at the discretion of the Officers of the association.

Category 4 – Encouraging the development of others.
  • Running workshops or organising peer group meetings. Giving talks. Listening to and supporting fellow practitioners.
Category 5 – Work for a professional body.
  • Any work for a related association, as well as our association. Organisation of workshops, meetings, health shows. Emails, telephone calls, fielding queries from the public or fellow professionals. Attending related meetings. Outreach – IT, websites, talks, presentations, lectures.
Category 6 – Reading, writing and research. Self development.**
  • Reading journals, research papers, the internet, for your patients and/or yourself. Writing papers and articles, newsletters. Developing talks and lectures. Observing other professionals and/or receiving treatments. Giving treatments, on an educational basis, to others or having them observe your treatment.

** There should be signed, time logged, documentation where relevant. A written report of the insights and knowledge gained should also be included.