Sad news

I have just received this message:

I am sorry to say Kay died on 24th February. A celebration of her life will be on Wednesday 11th March at 3.30 in Wallingford church and then at the coach horses.
All are invited if you can make it.

Our one time member and latterly Honorary member, Kay Saunders, who I will remember as always positive, supportive and smiling.  I will really miss her.  Rosie.

Kay Saunders
Kay Saunders (on far left)

CPD afternoon, report by Jo Hanstead – AGM 24th November 2019

Soft Tissue Techniques, CPD November 2019.

As well as being a McTimoney practitioner, Michael Gibbons is co-founder and Principal of the College of Classical Massage. We held our November 2019 AGM at his place, a spacious wooden structure in the grounds of his beautiful smallholding in Albourne. West Sussex.

In the afternoon Michael led a session of CPD. This involved demonstration and hands on practice of the soft tissue techniques Michael teaches to both newcomers and professionals. He uses a combination of gentle mobilisation and listening techniques, useful for freeing up adhesions and tensions. These techniques lend themselves to working on any area of the body, but for us he concentrated on working around the sciatic and femoral nerves, and on some of the deep muscles and tissues of the pelvis.

I was struck by how comfortable Michael was with the work, and this was reflected in his relaxed teaching approach and how well we assimilated the techniques he showed us. Since we already have years of hands on skills, we were able to take on a lot in just a short afternoon session.

We were sent home with an excellent set of coloured A4 sheets as reminders of the different moves. But I felt that more importantly we were offered a ‘first principles’ way of looking at soft tissue tension, which we could then take back and explore in our own clinics. I notice the following week that I was more confident in using gentle releasing/rocking approach with patients, and that there was a subtle change in the quality of touch.