The Technique

McTimoney Technique is a whole body method that is gentle to receive. At each visit we assess with our hands the position (that is, the alignment) of all the joints of the body and adjust as required. Due to the nature of the adjustments (speed combined with very little force) we do not need to mechanically force any changes. Our aim is to encourage the natural ability of the body to repair itself, thereby enabling a return to optimum health.

Manipulation has been used as a therapeutic technique for centuries, as can be seen in ancient Roman and Egyptian visual representations. Amongst other influences, our technique is based upon the philosophy, science and art of John McTimoney the man and his followers.

Who is it for?

As this technique is gentle, it is suitable for all ages – young baby through to the elderly. It is helpful following trauma and at certain stages in life such as during pregnancy, fast growth in puberty, and diminishing mobility.

What is it for?

Bones may become slightly displaced due to lifting, falls, accidents, occupational hazards, pregnancy, poor posture and many other stresses of daily life. This in turn can result in compromised nerve function.

Typically the following conditions may be helped:

  • Back, neck & shoulder pain
  • Muscular aches & strains
  • Lack of mobility & stiffness of joints
  • Migraine & tension headaches
  • Sports injuries
  • Whiplash injury