Your first visit

A comprehensive medical history will be taken  (encompassing your occupation, hobbies, general well-being and quality of life) in order to give the practitioner an overview of how you and your body work in the world. Through training, your practitioner has developed a fine sense of touch enabling the identification of misaligned vertebrae and other bones. If a problem is found, one of a number of gentle, fast and accurate adjustments will be used to realign the specific bone that needs attention. For your comfort you can choose to be treated in your underwear, loose-fitting clothing or shorts and vest, and most practitioners have modesty gowns available.

Subsequent Treatments

The number of sessions needed varies considerably depending on:
  • Your age and the age of your complaint.
    • When younger we repair faster. A problem that is twenty years old will take longer to resolve than a recent one.
  • Your general health and fitness.
    • The fitter and healthier you are the faster your body will respond to treatment.
  • Lifestyle, stress levels and occupation.
    • Some jobs are very tough on bodies and stress will slow the process of repair, as will a generally unhealthy lifestyle.
Treatments begin weekly. The time between treatments will gradually increase depending on how the individual responds. Most patients need between three and six sessions, but your practitioner will be able to give you a better idea after they have examined you at the first session.